Joliet Area/South Suburban Alumnae Chapter


Committee Leaders

Elected Officers & Positions


Assistant Corresponding Secretary Vanessa Duffin
Assistant Financial Secretary Elease Gilbert
Jennifer Jones
Jacinta Staples
Assistant Recording Secretary LaKeisha Freeman
Assistant Treasurer Kimberly Salley
Donna L. Wright
Chair of Audit Committee Misty Carter
Corresponding Secretary Jeneya Hampton
Custodian Jessie M. Miller
Financial Secretary Mimi Orr-Tubbs
Sergeant at Arms Toyia Miller-Peters
Chair Nominating Committee Sahara Robinson
Nominating Committee Thursday Flint
Paulette Graham
Angela Harris
Sheila Jumper




Appointed Positions:

Assistant Sergeant at Arms Monique Foster
Assistant Sergeant at Arms /Timekeeper Kelly D. Henry
Chaplain Felicia Epting
Historian Jo-Ann Hunigan
Journalist Cydni Polk
Legal   Legal Committee (Ad Hoc) Tracey Payne Henry
Parliamentarian Gwendolyn Buie
Audit Committee Qiana Collins
Whitney Sims-Rucker
Anita Smith
Ivy Woods


Administrative & Internal Committees

Audit Misty Carter, Chair
Election Nkyia Ervin, Chair
Finance Patricia Hoyt, Chair
Information & Communications
& Technology (ICT)
Vanessa Duffin, Co-Chair
Krystle Mason, Co-Chair
Heritage & Archives Jo-Ann Hunigan, Chair
Demetra Kirksey, Co-Chair
Long Range Strategic Planning Mary Bruce, Co-Chair
Toinette Gunn, Co-Chair
Policy & Procedures Gwendolyn Buie, Co-Chair
Mae Brown, Co-Chair
Presidents’ Council LaCulia Pope, Chair
Ritual & Ceremonies Melonie Dulaney, Co-Chair
Larissa Reed , Co-Chair
Itasca Waiter, Co-Chair


Membership Services Committees

Chaplain Council  Felicia Epting, Chair 
Thursday Flint, Co-Chair
Collegiate Transition Task Force Marilyn Adibu, Co-Chair
Nia Green, Co-Chair
Courtesy LaWanda Scott, Co-Chair 
Stacey Hunt, Co-Chair
Delta DEARS Deborah Henderson, Co-Chair 
Carolyn Dishmon, Co-Chair
Emergency Response Team
Kara Davis, Coordinator
Monique Williams, Coordinator
Founders Day
Josephine Blackmon, Co-Chair 
Daleta Mitchell, Co-Chair
LEAD Sahara Bell, Co-Chair
Leslie Durr, Co-Chair
Reclamation & Retention Tanya Duplessis, Co-Chair
Monica Reynolds, Co-Chair
Sisterhood Tamara Brown, Co-Chair 
Kimberlee Harden, Co-Chair



Program, Planning & Development Committees

Arts & Letters   Tayo Hill, Co-Chair 
Linda Green, Co-Chair
Economic Development Danielle Mitchell, Co-Chair
Kiana Williams, Co-Chair
Educational Development Krystle Mason, Co-Chair
Larissa Reed , Co-Chair
Delta Academy Tia Keys-Parker, Co-Chair
Raquel Jackson Morton, Co-Chair
Delta G.E.M.S. LaMaudia Bentley, Co-Chair 
Lori Welcher, Co-Chair
International Awareness &
Capri Buie, Co-Chair
Kimberly Rowe-Barney, Co-Chair
Physical & Mental Health Paulette Graham, Co- Chair
Felicia Houston, Co-Chair
Shaneka Stanley, Co-Chair
Political Awareness &
Involvement (PAI)/Social Action
Cyndi Polk, Co-Chair
Erica J. Thomas, Co-Chair
Scholarship Shellie Winters, Co-Chair
La’Shone Zinnerman, Co-Chair
Community Outreach Chimere Roland , Co-Chair
Natalie Watson, Co-Chair
Blessings In A Backpack Casey Nesbit, Co-Chair
Melanie Mandisodza, Co-Chair
Breakfast With Santa Arleta Bazile, Co-Chair
Michelle Bivins, Co-Chair
Kimberlee Harden, Co-Chair
Youth Empowerment
Dina Harris, Co-Chair
LaTrelle Kerney, Co-Chair
Pan-Hellenic Tena Sanders, Co-Chair
Monique Williams, Co-Chair
Midwest Impact Day of Service  Tasha Gibson White, Chair
Jessie Miller, Co-Chair
Resource Development Jessie Miller, Co-Chair
Jetaun G. Pope, Co-Chair
Risk Management Shavetta Williams, Coordinator
Poppin w/a Purpose Mae Brown, Co-Chair
Shanyta Russell, Co-Chair
Holiday Cash Raffle Kimberly Thomas, Co-Chair
Vernecia Gee, Co-Chair
DSTee Time Golf Mae Brown, Co-Chair
Ida Teverbaugh-Turpin, Co-Chair
Tania White, Co-Chair