Joliet Area/South Suburban Alumnae Chapter


Committee Leaders

Elected Officers & Positions



Assistant Corresponding Secretary Jetaun Pope
Assistant Financial Secretary Elease Gilbert
Jennifer Jones
Assistant Recording Secretary Krystle Mason
Assistant Treasurer Latoya Hughes
Erica Thomas
Chair of Audit Committee Leslie Durr
Corresponding Secretary Jeneya Hampton
Financial Secretary Jacinta Staples
Sergeant at Arms Tamara Brown
Chair Nominating Committee Sahara Robinson
Nominating Committee Thursday Flint
Paulette Graham
Angela Harris
Sheila Jumper




Appointed Positions:

Assistant Sergeant at Arms Jessie Miller
Assistant Sergeant at Arms /Timekeeper Sonja Lindsay
Chaplain Thursday Flint
Historian Zena Trimuel
Journalist Tania White
Parliamentarian Gwendolyn Buie
Audit Committee Cynthia Howard
Karen Alexander
Briana Hicks
Shanna Morton


Administrative & Internal Committees

Audit Leslie Durr, Chair
50th Anniversary Gwendolyn Buie, Co-Chair
Vanessa Duffin, Co-Chair
Toyia Miller Peters, Co-Chair
Finance Tiffany Allen, Chair
Information & Communications
& Technology (ICT)
Vanessa Duffin, Co-Chair
Krystle Mason, Co-Chair
Heritage & Archives Zena Trimuel, Co-Chair
Janika Walker, Co-Chair
Long Range Strategic Planning Millicent Lewis McCoy, Co-Chair
Tracey Payne Henry, Co-Chair
Policy & Procedures Gwendolyn Buie, Co-Chair
Deadra Stokes, Co-Chair
Presidents’ Council LaCulia Pope, Chair
Ritual & Ceremonies Melonie Dulaney, Co-Chair
Kamille Howard, Co-Chair
Larissa Reed, Co-Chair


Membership Services Committees

Chaplain Council  Thursday Flint, Chair
Angela Harris, Co-Chair
Collegiate Transition Task Force Marilyn Adibu, Co-Chair
Nia Green, Co-Chair
Courtesy Nicole Bullock, Co-Chair
Cherese Ledet, Co-Chair
Delta DEARS Carolyn Dishmon, Co-Chair
Marvelene Hicks, Co-Chair
Founders Day
Josephine Blackmon, Co-Chair
Daleta Mitchell, Co-Chair
LEAD Sahara Bell, Co-Chair
Jennifer Jones, Co-Chair
Reclamation & Retention Dominique Moore, Co-Chair
Monica Reynolds, Co-Chair
Sisterhood Monique Foster, Co-Chair
Jeneya Hampton, Co-Chair


Program, Planning & Development Committees

Arts & Letters Taneia DeBerry, Co-chair
Mogda Walker, Co-chair
Economic Development Virgie Bullie, Co-Chair
Stephanie Lyons, Co-Chair
Educational Development Paulette Graham, Co-Chair
Yvette Powell, Co-Chair
Emergency Response Team
Kiala Newkirk, Coordinator
Monique Williams, Coordinator
Blessings In A Backpack Casey Nesbit, Co-Chair
Katarsha Bowles, Co-Chair
Delta Academy Tia Keys-Parker, Co-Chair
Sabrina Walker, Co-Chair
Delta G.E.M.S. Marcella Abrams, Co-Chair
Rashawne Turner, Co-Chair
Youth Empowerment
Deborah Powell, Co-Chair
Misty Williams, Co-Chair
International Awareness &
Tanya Duplessis, Co-Chair
Janine Woolfolk, Co-Chair
Physical & Mental Health Felicia Houston, Co-Chair
Tangie Swire, Co-Chair
Kina Taylor, Co-Chair
Risk Management Shavetta Williams, Coordinator
Political Awareness &
Involvement (PAI)/Social Action
Cyndi Polk, Co-Chair
Erica J. Thomas, Co-Chair
Natalie Watson, Co-Chair


Programming Committees



Breakfast With Santa Jaclyn Allen, Co-Chair
LaKeisha Freeman, Co-Chair
Toya Jones-West, Co-Chair
DSTee Time Golf Mae Brown, Co-Chair
Ida Teverbaugh-Turpin, Co-Chair
Fundraising Jaclyn Allen, Co-Chair
Yvonette Lawson, Co-Chair
Holiday Cash Raffle Vanessa (Woods) Hallom, Co-Chair
Eugina Moore, Co-Chair
JASSAC EnBlanc Deborah Boyd, Co-Chair
Tamara Brown, Co-Chair
Erin Killingsworth-Walker, Co-Chair
Midwest Impact Day of Service  Tasha Gibson White, Chair
Jessie Miller, Co-Chair
National Pan-Hellenic Council Monica Scott Smith, Co-Chair
Monique Williams, Co-Chair
Scholarship DonElla Bradford, Co-Chair
Melonie Dulaney, Co-Chair
Jeanne McGraw, Co-Chair