Joliet Area/South Suburban Alumnae Chapter
Leadership Roster

Executive Committee:                                                                                           


LaCulia “Jackie” Pope

1st Vice President

Yvette E. Barrett

2nd Vice President

Aisha Barnes

Recording Secretary

Yvonette Lawson


Patricia Hoyt

Immediate Past President

Kimberly Rowe-Barney

Elected Officers & Positions:

Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Vanessa Duffin

Assistant Financial Secretary

Mimi Orr-Tubbs

Assistant Financial Secretary

Kimberly Thomas

Assistant Recording Secretary

Omotayo “Tayo” Hill

Assistant Treasurer

Kimberly Salley

Chair of Audit Committee

Destinee M. Westmoreland

Corresponding Secretary

Angela K. Waller


Jessie M. Miller

Financial Secretary

Jaclyn Allen

Sergeant at Arms

Toyia Miller-Peters

Chair of Nominating Committee

Natalie Mason

Appointed Positions:

Assistant Sergeant at Arms

Monique Foster

Assistant Sergeant at Arms /Timekeeper

Kelly D. Henry


Felicia Epting  


Jo-Ann Hunigan


Cydni Polk  


Tracey Payne Henry


Fontella Long  

Audit Committee

Misty Carter
Karen Mabry
Ivy Woods

Internal Committees:


Destinee M. Westmoreland, Chair


Renita Kelly, Chair


Patricia Hoyt, Chair

Information & Communications

Pamela R. Jackson, Co-Chair
Angelique Jackson, Co-Chair

Heritage & Archives

Jo-Ann Hunigan, Chair
Demetra Kirksey, Co-Chair

Long Range Strategic Planning

Virgie Bullie, Co-Chair
Tchicaya Ellis Robertson, Co-Chair

Policy & Procedures

Fontella Long, Chair
Collette K. Walton, Co-Chair

Presidents’ Council

Kimberly Rowe- Barney, Chair

Ritual & Ceremonies

Natalie Mason , Co-Chair
Melonie Dulaney, Co-Chair


Courtney Alexander, Co-Chair
Erinn Gordon, Co-Chair

Membership Services Committees:

Chaplain Council

Felicia Epting, Chair
Thursday Flint, Co-Chair

Collegiate Transition Task Force

Rachel Jackson, Co-Chair
Aja West, Co-Chair


Quiana L. Chapple, Co-Chair
Sonja D. Lindsey, Co-Chair


Edna M. Brass, Co-Chair
Donna L. Wright, Co-Chair

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Samantha Jacobs, Coordinator
Cassandra Burrell-Harbin, Co-Chair

Founders Day 2021

Tracey Bradley, Co-Chair
Natalie Mason, Co-Chair
Octavia Matthews, Co-Chair

Reclamation & Retention

Valerie Hicks Arnold, Co-Chair
Tanya Duplessis , Co-Chair
Ralnah D. Elliott, Co-Chair


Keli Avery, Co-Chair
Tovis Ingram, Co-Chair

Program, Planning & Development Committees

Arts & Letters

Dawn Brooks-Ellis, Co-chair
Jeneya Hampton, Co-chair

Arts & Letters  Choir (subcommittee of Arts & Letters)

Tena Sanders, Chair

Economic Development

Kimberly Rowe-Barney, Co-Chair
Kiana Williams, Co-Chair

Educational Development

Rhea Bickham, Co-Chair
Cherie McLendon , Co-Chair

Delta Academy

Larissa Reed, Co-Chair
Marlene Trimuel , Co-Chair

Delta G.E.M.S.

Ariane Chew, Co-Chair
Meagan Stokes, Co-Chair
Youth Empowerment ConferenceKimberly Jackson, Chair

International Awareness & Involvement

Nicole Griffin-Wilson, Co-Chair
Chauntina Haskin, Co-Chair

Physical & Mental Health

Paulette Graham, Co- Chair
Shaneka Stanley, Co-Chair
Itasca Waiters, Co-Chair

Political Awareness & Involvement (Social Action is a subcommittee)

Deborah Boyd, Co-Chair
Dynata “Danni” Charles- Funderburg, Co-Chair
N’Kyia Ervin, Co-Chair


Kristi Kelly, Co-Chair
Shantya Russell, Co-Chair

Community Outreach

LaKeisha Freeman, Co-Chair
Valerie Sims-Rucker, Co-Chair

Breakfast With Santa

Marcella Abrams, Co-Chair
Arleta Bazile, Co-Chair
Yvette T. Powell, Co-Chair

PADS-New Faith

Carolyn Dishmon, Co-Chair
Sheryl Gilmore, Co-Chair
Sherese Johnson, Co-Chair

PADS-St. Ireneaus

Sophia Taylor, Co-Chair
Yvonne Wright-Wells -Co-Chair
Candice Crooks -Co-Chair


Chelsea Beckley, Co-Chair
Denika Wilson, Co-Chair

Regional Day of Service

Tracey Payne Henry, Chair
Tovis Ingram, Co-Chair

Resource Development

Felicia Houston, Co-Chair
Rosalynd McWhorter, Co-Chair
Jetaun G. Pope, Co-Chair

2019 Greek Sisterhood

Gwendolyn Buie, Co-Chair
Tyanna McCann, Co-Chair

2020 Gala

Josephine Blackmon, Co-Chair
Rochelle Flagg, Co-Chair
Cynthia Howard, Co-Chair

2019 Golf Outing

Linah Alsberry, Co-Chair
Mae Brown, Co-Chair
Deborah Montgomery,  Co-Chair

Risk Management

Sonja Lindsey, Coordinator

Step Team

Meagan Stokes, Chair