Executive Committee

Kimberly Rowe Barney , President

LaCulia “Jackie” Pope, 1st Vice President

Tchicaya Ellis Robertson,  2nd Vice President

Vanessa Duffin, Recording Secretary

Yvette Armour, Treasurer

Carolyn Dishmon, Immediate Past President


Elected Officers

Paulette Graham, Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Mimi Orr-Tubbs, Assistant Financial Secretary

Shellie Winters, Assistant Recording Secretary

Donna Wright, Assistant Treasurer

Nicole Thompson, Chair of Audit Committee

Fontella Long, Corresponding Secretary

Taiyuan Banks-Tillmon, Custodian

Jaclyn Allen, Financial Secretary

Pleshette Modock, Sergeant at Arms


Appointed Officers

E’Toyare Williams, Assistant Sergeant at Arms

Tovis Ingram, Assistant Sergeant at Arms/Timekeeper

Marcie Wilson, Chaplain

Arnetta Cornelius, Historian

Jacqueline Cheatham, Journalist

Collette Walton, Parliamentarian


Committee Chairs – Internal Committees

Audit *

Nicole Thompson, Co-Chair


Jamila Becton, Co-Chair

Taneia DeBerry, Co-Chair


Denise Hoskin-Snelling, Chair

Finance Committee****

Yvette Armour, Chair

Information & Communications

Fontella Long, Co-Chair

Natalie Mason, Co-Chair

Heritage and Archives

Arnetta Cornelius, Chair

Barbara Powell, Co-Chair


Helen Hill-Neely, Chair


Linda Glenn Burroughs, Co-Chair

Deborah Patterson Wesley, Co-Chair

Legal (Ad Hoc)

Susan C.S. Jackson, Chair

Long Range Strategic Planning

Tracy Bradley, Co-Chair

Octavia Matthews, Co-Chair

Nominating Committee

Yvette Barrett, Chair

Operations (Ad Hoc)

Belinda Berry, Co-Chair

Shaneka Stanley, Co-Chair

Policy and Procedures

Collette Walton, Chair

Naomi Gilbert, Co-Chair

Denise Hoskin- Snelling, Co-Chair

Presidents’ Council

Carolyn Dishmon, Chair


Ashanti Howard, Chair

Committee Chairs for Membership Services

Chaplain’s Council

Marcie Wilson, Chair

Felicia Epting, Co-Chair

Collegiate Transition Task Force formerly  A.C.E.

Quiana George, Co-Chair

Toyia Miller-Peters, Co-Chair


Ericka Madison Williams, Co-Chair

Pamela Rice, Co-Chair

Delta D.E.A.R.S (Ad hoc)

Jo-Ann Hunigan, Co-Chair

Demetra Kirksey, Co-Chair

Founders Day 2017

Carolyn Dishmon, Chair

Reclamation & Retention

Kimberly Jackson , Co-Chair

Kimberly Thomas, Co-Chair

Rituals & Ceremonies

Colandra Ebert-Hamilton, Co-Chair

Naomi Gilbert, Co-Chair


Cynthia Howard, Co-Chair

Tyanna McCann, Co-Chair


Committee Chairs for Program Planning & Development


Arts & Letters

Joyce Carter, Co-Chair

Michelle Kennedy, Co-Chair

Economic Development

Michelle Dickerson, Co-Chair

Rashawne Turner, Co-Chair

Community Outreach Programs

Courtney Alexander, Co-Chair

Casey Nesbit, Co-Chair

Breakfast With Santa

Gwendolyn  Buie, Chair

Paulette Graham, Co-Chair

Echoes of Excellence Fall 2016

Co-Chairs to be appointed


Tiffany Butler Waller, Co-Chair

Tracey Payne, Co-Chair


New Faith, Juanita Floyd, Chair

St. Irenaeus, Sophia Taylor, Chair


Ericka Hamilton, Co-Chair

International Awareness and Involvement

Sharon Baksh, Co-Chair

Willa Harris Simmons, Co-Chair

Physical and Mental Health

Deborah Boyd, Co-Chair

Karen Mabry, Co-Chair

Political Awareness and Involvement

Toya Griffin- Aaron, Co-Chair

Rogercarole Rogers, Co-Chair

Program Planning & Development

Tchicaya Ellis Robertson, Chair

Risk Management

Tchicaya Ellis Robertson, Chair

Educational Development

Josephine Blackmon, Chair

Delta Academy

Danielle Franklin, Co-Chair

Annette Steward, Co-Chair

Delta G.E.M.S.

Shaquelia Smith, Co-Chair

Chimere Roland, Co-Chair


Candace Hansford , Co-Chair

Ermetra Olawumi, Co-Chair


Lori Welcher-Evans, Co-Chair

Gloria Johnson, Co-Chair


Virgie Bullie, Co-Chair

Yvonne Wells, Co-Chair

Resource Development

Nicole Griffin Wilson, Co-Chair

Shaneka Stanley, Co-Chair

2016 Golf Outing

Aisha Barnes, Chair

Daleta Mitchell, Co-Chair

Pamela Jackson, Co-Chair

2016 Crimson and Cream Pageant

Brenda Peters, Chair

Mandy Williams Lilly, Co-Chair

2015 Sister 4 Sister Luncheon

Sherese Johnson, Co-Chair

Sheryl Johnson Gilmore, Co-Chair

Step Team

Tamara Brown, Chair

Strategic Partnerships

Marilyn Arnold, Co-Chair

Linda Franklin- Co-Chair



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